8 Hoi An tourist destinations and the mystery that captivates tourists

Coming to Hoi An tourist destination, visitors will be immersed in new moments hidden inside the ancient features of many rows of old tile houses. Everything here has gentle and loving beauty, poetic and charming scenery, gentle, friendly and hospitable people.

What are you waiting for, let’s explore with Traveloka to see if the following 8 tourist attractions have something to attract tourists!

A peaceful, beautiful corner at Hoi An tourist destination @internet

  1. Assembly Hall of Fujian
    Phuc Kien Assembly Hall is a tourist destination in Hoi An that attracts many young people to check-in because of its ancient and beautiful Chinese architecture that provides a very good background for “so deep” photos.

Magnificent beauty makes a strong impression on visitors @internet

Choosing to travel by plane when departing from Hanoi or Saigon to Hoi An is the safest and most time-saving option. However, there is currently no direct flight to Hoi An tourist destination, you can book a flight to Da Nang and then travel by bus or taxi to Hoi An.

Traveling to Hoi An by flight saves you time @internet

Flight time is more than 1 hour with ticket prices ranging from 500,000 VND – 1,600,000 VND depending on the time of booking. You can refer to the ticket price for Hanoi – Da Nang or Saigon – Da Nang flight tickets on Traveloka for timely updates.

  1. Covered Bridge – famous tourist destination in Hoi An
    This is a very famous Hoi An tourist destination. Covered Bridge has long played an important role in the spiritual life of people in the area, contributing to the cultural diversity in the old town.

Close-up of the famous Covered Bridge in Hoi An @internet

Designed with the architecture like a pagoda crossing the peaceful and poetic Hoai River. Standing on the bridge and observing the peaceful and warm scenery of Hoi An is a great feeling you must try.

  1. Hoi An Market
    When traveling to any place, the first place you must visit is the market of that area. The market is the place to clearly and honestly reproduce the culture, life and personality of each land. Hoi An Market is impressed by its rustic and familiar features that accurately reflect the people here.

Hoi An Market is a culinary paradise for hungry stomachs @internet

Coming to Hoi An market, you have entered the world of diverse and rich street food with many typical dishes of Hue, as sweet as the voice and personality of Hoi An people. Cao Lau, Quang noodles, wonton, grilled spring rolls, cauldron cakes, banh xeo, banh beo… and a number of delicious snacks are always welcome here. It’s worth trying once to set foot in Hoi An tourist destinations, isn’t it?

  1. My Son Sanctuary
    My Son Sanctuary is one of the tourist destinations in Hoi An you must definitely visit, it owns a system of ancient Champa temples with a long history lying inside a valley with a diameter of 2km.

The entire holy site was once an important area for the ritual sacrifices of the Champa royal family during their reign.

Panorama of the majestic and majestic My Son Sanctuary @internet

  1. Cham Island
    Cu Lao Cham is an archipelago consisting of 1 main island and 8 surrounding small islands, with a total area of ​​about 15km. Possessing unspoiled beauty and diverse flora and fauna, Cu Lao Cham is recognized by UNESCO as a major biosphere reserve of the world and should be exploited safely.

The view of the blue sea and immense mountains at Cu Lao Cham @internet

You should spend time exploring this Hoi An tourist destination from about May to July. The weather at this time is dry and cool, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and swimming.

When coming to Cu Lao Cham, do not forget to experience coral reef diving. The images of aquatic animals that you only see on TV. Now, you can see them with your own eyes and touch them directly. Surely this will be a memory that you will never forget.

  1. Phung Hung ancient house
    This Hoi An tourist destination is more than 100 years old. This is one of the oldest old houses in Hoi An. Stepping into Phung Hung ancient house, you will admire the architecture with a harmonious combination of Japan – China – Vietnam.

Phung Hung ancient house has lived for 8 generations. Each child living in the house always carries in him a sense of preserving and preserving the house well. If you are lucky, you will be introduced to each architecture and unique features in the house by the owner.

Interior space of Thanh Hung ancient house with beautiful ancient architecture @internet

The ground floor is the host’s reception area. At the same time, the ground floor is also a place to keep a lot of precious and luxurious antiques over the years. The second floor of Phung Hung ancient house is the place to place the altar of ancestors and Thien Hau Thanh Mau. In front of the altar, the host sets a trap for the dice to ask for advice before doing big things.

  1. Sa Huynh Culture Museum
    Located at 149 Tran Phu, Hoi An City, you can easily find this cultural museum. Cultural Museum owns golden walls, full of ancient moss.

Visit Sa Huynh Culture Museum, learn more about culture

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