Ha Giang tourism 5/2022 – Where to go? Eat what? Where?

Ha Giang tours not only bring tourists to the majestic natural place but also experience a land of multicultural ethnic groups as well as the heroic revolutionary history. Here are some destinations that Ha Giang Tour guests often visit? Where should stay? How to commute? What is the specialty here? Let’s find out together with Indochina Holiday!

Where is Ha Giang?

Official Ha Giang Tourism Video Clips of the National Administration of Tourism (Source: Vietnam Tourism)

Ha Giang is located in the northernmost part of Vietnam. The road from Hanoi to Ha Giang city is about 280km long. Going by car through highways and national highways only takes about 5 hours, so visitors can drive by themselves, take a long-distance bus, tour Ha Giang or ‘travel’ by motorbike.

Ha Giang tour
Location Ha Giang goes from Hanoi along National Highway

One more thing to notice, many people often think that if there are mountains and hills, there are terraced fields, it is called the Northwest region, but it is not! Ha Giang is located in the Northeast, along with Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen and Bac Giang (To know what popular tourist routes are in this region and details of famous sights in each province, you can click here. Please refer to the article Northeast Tourism). The Northwest includes some provinces such as Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Lai Chau, Dien Bien or Muong Lay. This is something you should know if you want to do a cross-province trip!

How to move to Ha Giang?
As mentioned above, traveling to Ha Giang from Hanoi, you can drive or rent a car by yourself, take a bus, ride a motorbike by yourself or go on a tour. Depending on preferences and conditions as well as the number of people going, each way has its own advantages/disadvantages.

Ha Giang tourism
Ha Giang Pass Road

Advantages: There is a daily departure, suitable for people who like to go freely, when they want to go, go in small groups and do not want to have to ride a motorbike for long distances.
Cons: Only suitable for small groups or traveling alone, traveling in a group is difficult to find an empty car as well as having to wait for each other when making an appointment in Ha Giang and having to change cars for different routes. Many people who suffer from car sickness are also fortunate to encounter a “silky silk” driver who is also tired!
Ha Giang tour

From Hanoi, you can go to My Dinh bus station or Gia Lam bus station to find a car to Ha Giang city easily.

Some of the most popular bus operators include Thinh My, Hai Van Express, Hung Thanh, Ngoc Cuong, Tran Phu or Thanh Hien bus station at Gia Lam wharf. Car companies have both sleeper and seater cars for you to choose from. In this section, we will share more details in a separate experience about choosing a Ha Giang tourist bus.

After arriving in Ha Giang, you can rent a motorbike or take a bus to Dong Van and other districts. The popular bus route is Hanoi – Vinh Yen – Viet Tri – Doan Hung – Phu Tho – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang.

Ha Giang tour

Bus Hanoi – Ha Giang

Self-drive/rent a self-drive car
Advantages: Freedom, go when you want to, take the initiative in the road. Suitable for small people, families, groups of friends.
Cons: Must be familiar with Ha Giang road or familiar with mountain passes because Ha Giang pass has a lot of sleeves, not familiar with the road will be very dangerous.
Ma Pi Leng Pass Ha Giang

With a self-sufficient way by car from Hanoi to Ha Giang, you can follow the highway Noi Bai – Lao Cai, to Tuyen Quang city, turn right to Ha Giang. This way is more suitable for families or groups of friends who want to go alone, not afraid of rain and wind like riding a motorbike, stay in Ha Giang as long as you like, take the initiative to go anywhere but must know the way, know how to drive a car and drive a car. Know the traffic laws on the roads.

Advantages: Going solo or “traveling” in groups is also very convenient, you can stop anywhere, go anytime. Transportation costs are cheaper than other means of transport. You can take an available car or take a bus to Ha Giang and then rent a motorbike there.
Cons: Weak steering wheel, not familiar with the road absolutely should not go to ensure safety.
Ha Giang motorbike rental
The route for motorbikes is similar to that of passenger cars. However, because the mountainous terrain of Ha Giang is quite difficult to move, there are many passes, especially the distance in Dong Van and Meo Vac, so make sure you or your companion is a ‘silk driver’ before going! You can refer to the article Renting a motorbike in Ha Giang to know where to rent a car, what is the price when coming to Ha Giang!

Take a tour of Ha Giang
Advantages: Suitable for large groups, the cost has been calculated reasonably, passengers do not have to worry about travel or accommodation, accompanied by a guide to explain to understand more about the scene.
Cons: Usually only go to fixed points, it is not convenient to go there or stay at the attraction beyond the specified time, or you have to book a tailor-made tour.
Ha Giang tourism
Visitors to Ha Giang tour
This is a “salvation” option for many people, even if they are traveling alone or in large groups. If you go alone with a few people, you can go on a joint tour or go with a large number of people, then ask the tour company to design a separate tour. The company will take care of everything from where to eat, where to sleep, where to play, how to go, … you just need to register for the tour, pack your backpack and follow.

Ha Giang tour

Where to stay in Ha Giang?
If you go

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